The United Forces is a council that is dedicated to keeping the peace in the caribbean. Every roleplay nation needs to have an ambassador in. The role of the United Forces is to help countries come to peaceful terms with eachother and avoid conflict. However sometimes conflict happens despite all attempts to avoid it. Therefore the United Forces is backed by their own Military, Skull's Marines. The UF is lead by Supreme Commanding General Capt. Skull X.

Services of the United Forces:Edit

  • Helping countries/organizations negotiate
  • Helping people become better players
  • Helping end conflicts


There are plenty of ways to join the United Forces! If you are the leader of a Guild, or organization, you are able to apply for membership as an Ambassador of your Guild, or oganization, or you can appoint an Ambassador. If you are the leader of a roleplay nation or group, you may also join as an Ambassador for your nation, or appoint someone to be an Ambassador. If you want to help you, you can also directly join the Skull's Marines. There are plenty of tasks and open job oportunites.

To Become  MemberEdit

To become a member you must agree to the guidlines of the UF. Simply message Capt. Skull X about becoming a member.


United Forces Staff:Edit

  • Capt. Skull X - Leader of the United Forces, Commander of the UF Military.
  • Open Position - Commander of Navy
  • Open Position - Commander of Army
  • Open Position - Commander of Negotiations

Members of the United Forces:Edit

  • Ishmael Venables - Ambassador for Great Britian

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