The United Rebel Army is a united force to fight Evil Tyranny of the world it can be joined by anybody and is for the good of the world.


  • Marcus Ironskull, Major General, 1st Rate admiral, Head of all Affairs
  • Director of Affairs- Ryan Warhawk
  • Head of Funds, Ishmael Decksteel- General
  • General of the 1st Army, Ryan Warhawk- General
  • Admiral of the 1st fleet- Marcus Ironskull
  • Vice Admiral of Fleet Ops-
  • Vice General of Army Ops-
  • Director of Intelligence- Marcus Ironskull

Notable leadersEdit

General Michel-Ange Duquesne de Menneville


  • Army= Naval
  • Private= Seaman
  • Corporal= Ensign
  • Lieutenant= Lieutenant
  • Sargent= Sargent
  • Captain= Captain
  • Major= Commodore
  • Lt. Colonel= Lt. Vice Admiral
  • Colonel= Vice Admiral
  • General= Admiral
  • Major General= 1st Rate Admiral


  • 250,500 Soldier in total
  • 0 Reserves
  • 35,000 Active
  • 1200 Artillery
  • 65,700 Navy
  • 85,000 Army
  • 100,000 Ironskull Private Army recruits
  • 500 Hessians that have freely committed themselves
  • Grand Total: 250,500


  • The Vengence-Admiral Marcus Ironskull
  • HMS Defiance-Admiral Ryan Warhawk
  • 50 other battle ready warships

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